Criminal Defense


Jeff Hedrick served as an Assistant District Attorney from 1984-1986 and has since continuously been in private practice in the Boone area (Watauga and Avery Counties).

Today, attorney Hedrick’s criminal defense work concentrates on serious felony cases, but also includes traffic court and other matters for AppState and other students.

For over 30 years, Jeff Hedrick’s case load has included:

  • General Felony Practice in Superior Court.  These cases often involve gathering, organizing, and analyzing evidence, with the assistance of private investigators and forensic experts.
  • Controlled Substances, Drug and Contraband Charges.  Defending these cases can require investigation, research and briefing of search and seizure law, and challenging police use of electronic surveillance and confidential undercover informants.
  • Homicide Cases and Death Penalty Litigation.  Since 1988, attorney Hedrick has handled capital murder cases on assignment, which is now by appointment of the North Carolina Capital Defender.  These cases include exhaustive investigation, huge volumes of “discovery”, a significant “motions practice” in the Superior Court, the use of scientific evidence and forensic experts, and lengthy, complex trials by jury.
  • Speeding Ticket and Traffic Court.  We can usually handle these type cases with a “Waiver”, with the client avoiding the need to appear (and wait) in court, and usually avoiding or greatly reducing driver’s license “points” and insurance increases.
  • Misdemeanor Drug and Alcohol Offenses and Expungements:  These matters are typically handled in a way to help our clients keep a “clean record” and to take advantage of various “first-offender” programs that the District Attorney may be willing to allow our clients to use.

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